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Paramore is an American musical duo band that formed in Franklin, Tennessee in the United States.



Hayley Williams (2004-present)

Taylor York (2007-present)


Josh Farro (2004-2010)

Zac Farro (2004-2010)

Jeremy Davis (2004-2015)

Jason Bynum (2004-2005)

John Hembree (2005)

Hunter Lamb (2005- 2007)

Current touring

Jon Howard – (2010–present)

Justin York – (2010–present)

Aaron Gillespie – (2013–present)

Joey Howard – (2015–present)

Former touring

Jon Howard – (2010–present)

Justin York – (2010–present)

Aaron Gillespie – (2013–present)

Joey Howard – (2015–present)


Studio Albums

All We Know Is Falling (2005)

Riot! (2007)

Brand New Eyes (2009)

Paramore (2013)

Live Albums

Live In The UK (2008)

The Final Riot! (2008)


The Summer Tic (2006)

2010 Summer Tour (2010)

Singles Club (2011)

The Holiday Sessions (2013)

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